#QuickChomping – Mushroom and baby spinach cheese toast

After eggs, the easiest and most comforting thing to cook after eggs is cheesy toasts and bread pizzas. This one is special because the baby spinach we used came from our own garden. For a super simple snack, read on –

Ingredients –

Button mushrooms – 10 to 12

Baby spinach leaves – a handful

Mayonnaiseย  – 2 tbsp

Oregano seasoning – to taste

Bread – 2 slices

Mozzarella cheese – 1 cup

Method –

  • Roughly cut the mushrooms to bit sized pieces
  • Wash the spinach leaves and break into small pieces
  • Steam the mushrooms and spinach leaves separately for one minute in the microwave. Drain the excess water.
  • Mix in the mayonnaise with spinach and mushrooms
  • Spread the mix on the bread and cover with cheese and oregano seasoning
  • Bake at 200 degrees for 5 minutes or till the cheese has completely melted

Mushroom toast (1)Mushroom toast (4)

Happy Chomping ๐Ÿ™‚