A whole new menu at DAO

DAO is known to dish out absolutely dumplings, freshest sushi and amazing Thai food. My previous experience with DAO has been absolutely ravishing and this time it was full of amazing new additions to the menu, soulful curries and some of the best mulled wine have ever had.


Mulled wine, this one is a traditional one infused with mandarin, star anise and rosemary

Starting with a hearty soup – Tom Yum Soup – a hot and sour soup with noodles, fresh garlic and green onion, coriander and crunchy chips. Very hearty and comforting.


Tom yum soup

Som Tom Salad – the raw papaya salad is dressed perfectly with peanuts, chillies and cherry tomatoes. Not one of the best salads, a little more crunch and punch would have made the salad excellent.


Som Tom Salad

Sushi – Salmon maki roll and Creamy avocado roll. Fresh salmon with mayonnaise and topped with roe; avocado and cucumber topped with thinly sliced avocado and mayonnaise. Especially liked the fresh flavors of the creamy avocado sushi, rather apt for the approaching summer.

Dumplings – The dimsum menu at DAO is enviable. They have a huge range of vegetarian, chicken, lamb and sea food dumplings. We particularly enjoyed with chicken chilly ones topped with a flavorsome gravy and fresh lemongrass. The soft shell crab and prawns too are not to be missed. They also have a new unlimited dimsum brunch menu that you must try.

For mains, we gobbled on Pendang curry with steamed jasmine rice, lemon butter garlic steamed fish and stir fried noodles. Over time I have grown very fond of Indonesian curries, especially for the similarity of flavors to the Indian palette. The pendang curry with chicken is spiked with fresh lemongrass and teams up well with fragrant jasmine rice. The flat noodles, loaded with crunchy fresh vegetables with a light soy sauce. The lemon butter fish, however, was the clear showstopper – fresh filets, steamed with lemon, garlic and lots of basil. The subtle flavors made this a stellar preparation.

We finished our meal with scoops of freshly churned coconut ice cream.

The newly added items at DAO are absolutely delicious, don’t miss out on the new range of dumplings, pendang curry and fish.

Where? DAO, GK 1 – N Block

Price for two – INR 2000 approx

Cuisine – Thai, Asian