Detox day with The RAW Pressery

The importance of a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating just cannot be stressed upon enough. And it’s amazing to see how innumerable healthy joints have mushroomed in the city and the world is becoming more conscious towards a healthy lifestyle. The RAW Pressery Β brings to you some exciting goodness and NOTHING ELSE packed in bottles and delivered to your doorstep. From soups to cold pressed juices, smoothies and detox packs, they offer a thorough cleanse for a happier heart and gut. I tried their fiber cleanse cold pressed –

The package arrives early morning between 6AM-8AM to start your day on time – the instructions are simple – drown each bottle on time and you will make it through the day with effortless ease.

Raw Pressery (1)

The Fiber Cleanse comes in packs of 400 Ml bottles with labelled contents –Β Trim, Life, Tomato Soup, Shield, Mixed Veggie Soup, LightΒ and Aloe Lemonade.Β 

Raw Pressery (2)

Fiber Cleanse and a mini eggplant from the garden

Raw Pressery (3)

Trim – Kale, Spinach, Doodhi, Amla, Celery, Green Apple, Ginger, Lemon – fills you right up in the morning

Raw Pressery (5)

Life – the fruit punch of bluberry, strawberry, banana and pineapple – naturally sweet and berrilicious and very filling thanks to the bananas

Raw Pressery (6)

Tomato Soup – try it cold and you will love it especially the pepper punch

Raw Pressery (7)

Shield – Orange, Carrot and Ginger – super refreshing

Raw Pressery (8)

The dinner shot – Mixed Veggie Soup – Doodhi, Spinach, Spring Onion, Coriander, salt and pepper

Raw Pressery (9)

Light – Matcha, Kale, Coconut, Guava, Apple, Mint and Lemon – I loved it mostly because of the coconut

Raw Pressery (13)

Aloe Lemonade – this one comes in a smaller shot with aloe vera, agave nectar, lemon, ginger, mint, rocksalt and water

The Fiber Cleanse leaves you nothing but a much happier person and will urge you to live a healthier lifestyle. Check them out hereΒ and choose one that suits you best!