#Valentine’sSpecial with Elma’s

Valentine’s is getting bigger and better with some more gorgeousness by Elma’s. The quaint bakery, cakeshop and tea room, their fresh bakes and red velvet cakes are legendary. Elma’s is a quaint bakery, cake shop and tea room in the city of food, Delhi. They bake the delicacies fresh everyday in the artisan way and the cakes, tarts and pies are ‘homemade’ with love.
Elma’s brings to you a sensational and unique experience this Valentine’s. Roses are way too mainstream, so swap them with some Elma’s scrumptious cupcake roses.
Red velvet waffles with their ooey-gooey texture with thick whipped cream frosting. A more personal touch with your favourite pictures with your boo super imposed on  delicious fudge brownies. The moist chocolate cake with a spongy centre and decadent deadly chocolate frosting and what’s better than a Valentine’s hamper with goodies like cake in a jar, rose tea, heart shaped cookies and all things fuzzy.
Heighten your date night with Strawwberry Explosion – a sweet and bubbly cocktails and Strawberry Bubblebath with their foamy flavors.

So head over to this gorgeous tea room to make the best of your V-day celebrations.

Find them on Zomato here.

All pictures are courtesy Elma’s 🙂