For the icy sweet-tooth

Sunny days and ice-creams are a no brainer but enjoying a frozen cup of delectable ice-cream during chilly winters always gives a certain kind of high to Delhiites. Here is a list of where you can find the most delish , molecular and extra-ordinary frozen delights.



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Molecular gastronomy has been a biggie with ice-creams lately and Azote offers a perfect nitrogen ice creams scoops in fanciful flavours such as chocolate sorbet, tiramisu, paan and even masala chai. Apart from ice creams they also offer cake jars, dry cakes and pastries. What’s not to love?

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I would swear by Nirula’s hot chocolate fudge. Period. It is the first ice-cream parlour that 90s kids would remember going to and even though they don’t have many outlets left in the city, they still have ice-cream parlours that take you through a dive of nostalgia of amazing creamy ice-creams and delicious sundaes.

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India does not yet have a Ben n Jerry’s but we have a Baskin Robins – and even though it doesn’t nearly matches the International flavours, it is pretty good considering the desi competitors. The offer a wide range of flavours and the creamy creams in a waffle cone are a jackpot.

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Double Chocolate Therapy – a scoop of chocolate ice-cream, nutella, chocolate brownie and dark chocolate sauce. Whoever said, forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate!

Fancy chocolate works anyone? Hokey Pokey hands you with picturesque scoop that would make you fall head over heels with the master piece. Indulge in sinful chocolate flavours or take a berry pick. A scoop of you choice with toppings mashed and scooped together on an ice slab at -18 degree Celsius, garnished with sprinkles or chocolate works. Yumm!

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A popular and very affordable ice cream chain. Their most selling item is rabri faluda, although the nutty butty is not so bad either. Choose an outlet close to you for an inexpensive sundae or cone.

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Coffee Fudge ice cream

Nitrogen Ice-cream and inexpensive. Pick your flavour and watch it churned into ice-cream by adding liquid nitrogen into it and making it into a creamy dessert. Look out for steamy, icy subtle flavours with add-ons injected into the scoop.

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Gelato is heavy Italian ice cream made entirely by churning milk into cream and cream into heavy cream, accent with subtle flavours and bingo, you have desserts heavy enough to fill up your tummy. 😛

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Chocochip ice cream in a waffle cone – light chocolate with huge chunks of dark chocolate!


A scoop of sitaphal ice cream.

A favourite down in Ahmedabad and Mumbai, this chain made its debut it Delhi with particularly desi flavours and beautiful, attenuated kitsch interiors. The sitaphal flavour is a hot favourite although I personally like their choco-chip more.

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Another outlet that toiles with molecular gastronomy on a daily basis – unlike the other two, this place really looks like a Chem-lab with beakers and gases oozing out. Choose from a wide range of flavours – basics, fancies and turn them into sundaes. Top it with your favourite sauces, biscuits and candies for a perfect sugar rush.

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Kulfiano offers options which are closer to home and heart. Kulfi has been a part of us since forever and this place offers the perfect contemporary option for kulfi with faluda or on a tilla (stick). They have classics – kesar pista, kaju kishmish malai and more international lots with chocolate and black currant. The place is light on the pocket and definitely worth a trip down the memory lane!

Happy winters and a very Happy 2016!