Living the food life.

When you are down with dengue and you have used all the hours you are allowed on the laptop, you eventually go back to flipping TV channels. This encounter landed me on hours with the new Food Channel – Living Foodz. The Pioneers of Food Rocky and Mayur were talking about the most exotic food India had to offer, the winner being EMU EGGS from Pune. The next show was called The Great Indian Rasoi – where chef Ranveer Brar travelled to Varanasi gorging on Punchkas for 5bucks and dining at a Gurukul.


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This particular show brought back a lot of childhood memories. I was an ardent fan of NDTV GoodTimes, and with dad I would watch all the travel and food shows the channel had to offer. Before I was 15, I knew I had to go to Lodi Gardens for a meal during winter and visit the Japanese theme hotel in Goa which happened to have a Bookcase so awe striking that it still gives me the chills.

Chef gorged on Sushi at Megu Restaurant with real chopsticks in bowls especially imported from Japan. The place is run by a local who fell in love with a Japanese traveler and their love really knew no boundaries. They got married, have two beautiful children and they run this kickass Japanese place in Varanasi.


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And his next meal was another shocker – Wood-brick fire oven pizza at Pizzeria Vaatika CafeΒ – the man has been running the place for 21years now. The day he started, he served 108 pizzas and was so afraid of complaints that he didn’t charge for a single dish. The beauty with he prepared pizza in the humble streets was just heartwarming to watch, let alone experience. Also, special recommendation by the chef is their Apple Pie.


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Just watching these shows not just brought back a thousand memories but also the sole reason why I started bookmarking places and hunting for varied tastes and palettes.

Thanks for inspiring me all over again!

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